Hello and welcome to my very own blog, documenting my third year of studies on BSc Television and Broadcasting at the University of Portsmouth! My name is Connell Matthews and thank you for taking the time to read my brand new blog.


This will be primarily used for documenting my experiences and adventures within the TV-BRO unit of my course, “Television and Broadcasting” (affectionately referred to as “TVB”, as well as any extra-curricular ventures I get up to. I’ve been on the course for 3 years now and it’s quickly drawing to a close! I’ll be documenting talks I’ve attended, work experience,¬†trips and other bits of work I’m proud of producing. Enjoy!

What is “TVBRO”?

“Television and Broadcasting” is an extremely diverse course, and is also Creative Skillset accredited. The units range from script writing and editing, to television and radio production. The TVBRO unit I mentioned before requires us to produce 3 live television shows and 1 radio broadcast throughout the academic year, taking on different roles during pre-production and the live broadcasts themselves. The shows go out live on the University’s Creative and Cultural Industries TV channel, CCI TV, as well as being broadcast live to the Big Screen in Portsmouth.¬†Exciting stuff! The year has been split into 3 groups with different colours; and we’ve been placed into Team Red!

You can find all my blog posts and follow team red on our journey on the “Blog” page in date order. There are also links to my CV, and an about me page helping you to get to know me a bit more. Have fun reading!