Dissertation and reflections


Back on the 31st of March, I handed in my dissertation, something I’d spent hours and hours of time working on and crafting to be the best it possibly could, and this week I got the mark back. I passed with a first! I was so happy to know that it had all been worth it.

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Jono Holmes talk


Today Jono Holmes came to the university to give a talk regarding his experiences as the host of Capital FM’s south coast breakfast show. Jono has been working in the industry since he graduated from University, coming from quite a similar position to us.

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TVBRO Live show 4: Unsung heroes (Radio)

You can find a link to listen to “Unsung Heroes” at the end of this blog post. Enjoy!


Our final TVBRO production aired live today on Express FM community radio station, and was all about the Unsung heroes of Portsmouth. This was our first broadcast on radio throughout the entire degree, and it was a nice change from the CCI TV studio that we’d been working out of for the rest of this unit.
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TVBRO Live show 2: Sustainability

You can find a link to watch “Sustainability” at the bottom of this blog post. Enjoy!


So before we even knew it, show 2 has rolled around and was completed today. This time our show was centered all around “Sustainability”, and about how to lead an eco-friendly life. It was great to see how far we had a come from our first. And just like the last blog, here’s a bit of backstory on the shows production… Continue reading

Talk by Barbara Machin


Today I attended a talk by Barbara Machin, a screenwriter who is the new Visiting Professor for the TV & Film Section here at the University of Portsmouth. Roles for our next TVBRO show have been allocated, and I will be scriptwriter in pre-production on this show. Barbara is an accomplished screenwriter, for this reason I thought it was essential I attend her talk, to see if I could gather any tips… Continue reading

TVBRO Live show 1: Emergency Services

You can find a link to watch “Emergency Services” at the bottom of this blog post. Enjoy!


Today was the day our first TVBRO show of the year came to life. If you’re still asking yourself, “what on Earth is this TVBRO thing?!” check out the homepage for more info. After weeks of hard work, at midday today we went live with “Emergency Services”, our CCI TV show all about emergency services within the Portsmouth area. But before I jump into how the show went, I’ll give you a little backstory on the show’s production…  Continue reading